Best Computer Games for Fitness

Best Computer Games for Fitness

We all know that health concerns and increasing rates of obesity in our population is becoming a widespread. One of the root causes are overplaying video games. Thanks for exercise games (Exergames) which helps you get fit while playing that video console. Below are some of the video games that promotes fitness:

Nike+ Kinect Training (Xbox)
It is an intense home workout that focuses on cardio and endurance trainings.  There is a virtual trainer and the option to modify your own exercise plans or select from preset workouts.  Nike+ Kinect Training also allows you to track your progress and helps in toning,strength building and weight loss.

Beachbody P90X (Xbox)
Beachbody P90X is a 30-day extreme workout program that will make your body get ripped. The game feature amazing moves that targets all the muscle groups. You also have the option to customize your routines depending on what you want.  In addition, Xbox  Kinect has built-in technology that will monitor and correct your form move.

Zumba Fitness (Nintendo Wii / Xbox 360 / Playstation)
Zumba fitness has been widely known as popular group cardio fitness exercises.  It is a fun dance-based game where you follow the dance steps to the beat of the music.  There are number of dance types from break dance, freestyle, ballroom etc. There are timed modes you can select also depending on your preference.

Dance Dance Revolution (Nintendo Wii/ Xbox/ Playstation/ PC)
Also known as DDR, this is a series is an interactive video game that combines real physical dancing with energetic music and visuals. You have the choice use a dance pad or Wii Remote, Balance Board to or opt for just upper body movements for each song.  This is a classic video game which started back in the 90s.

Wii Fit (Nintendo Wii)
This game uses a Balance Board. It is slightly less intensive, but still effective exercise experience (regular usage of this game can improve posture and work toward fitness goals).  Wii Fit has over 40 activities to choose from including, yoga, strength training, aerobics etc.

The Biggest Loser Challenge (Nintendo Wii)
Now you can join the Biggest Loser in the comfort of your own home! This game will provide you a fitness plan as soon as loaded your physical information. It will also suggest challenges, routines and nutrition information for each day and also track your progress.  There is an option to complete workouts using the Balance Board, resistance bands, stability ball and others.

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