5 Terrible Mistakes Before Running

5 Terrible Mistakes Before Running

5 Terrible Mistakes Before Running

If you’re a beginner on running, It’s important you to make yourself of your body ready before heading out the door. Warming up correctly will surely help make it better and to avoid unnecessary cramps. Aside from that, here are some worst practices to avoid before running:

1. Forgetting to use the bathroom
Bathroom stops are a pain in the neck when you are in the zone. Most people suggests to stop drinking fluids approximately 30 minutes before you run and make sure to have one last visit before starting your run. You may want to bring tissues or wet wipes if you have some bladder issues.
Some foods that contribute to this are: wheat products, gluten, caffeine, sugar, Dairy products and artificial sweeteners.

2. Not listening of feeling your body
This is quite important since especially if you are feeling something then you still do it. Sometimes it helps if you do a quick body check. If you’re feeling tired of sick, better to skip than to go to a hospital after your run.

3. Static Stretching
Simply doing a static stretch, and for an extended length of time at that, won’t help you achieve a better run—it might in fact do the opposite. Studies have shown that static stretching before running can cause you to have a slower start, and even make you exert more effort. What’s more effective is to do a dynamic warm-up, which is a combination of body movements that move your muscles through a wide range of motion. These simulate the running movement and lubricate your joints better.

4. Overeating
One should refrain from eating a big meal before running. It may seem obvious, but a lot of people still forget its importance. When one eats a meal before running, food is not digested properly because the digestive process slows down when we run. The normal blood flow to our gastro intestinal system is altered during exercise, and it may in fact cause cramping, intestinal distress and other worse cases.

5. Drinking too much or too little water
Remember, anything too much is bad for you, and it’s exactly so for running when it comes to hydration. Too much or too little water will do you no good. Some people actually try to compensate by overhydration, but this actually leads to a stomach that’s too full of water that it will be even more difficult for you to run. It may even cause stomach pain during your run. The best way to stay hydrated before a run is to take little to moderate sips of water throughout your day. This puts your body in the best hydrated state.

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