Amazing Benefits of Burpees

Amazing Benefits of Burpees

Burpees are not the most uncommon type of exercise sets out there, but sometimes its benefits are much overlooked.
What are burpees anyway? They’re a complete full-body intense exercise that burns fat and builds muscle with a single movement—a movement that challenges both your aerobic and strength capacities. Since decades ago, they are incorporated in the daily workout routines of military forces, athletes, and now, crossfit lovers.
Here are five of what we actually do for our body when we do burpees:

We burn fat.
You’ll be happy to know that burpees turns your body into a fat-burning machine since they engage your full body. High-intensity exercises like burpees burn at most 50% more fat than moderate exercising. SO much that even well after your burpees are done, your body is still burning calories!

We condition our body and develop endurance.
This is no surprise, with the amount of highly complex movement your body is subjected to when you do the burpees, we get excellent conditioning all throughout. Your body moves from flexion to extension to neutral, and then all the way back again, in a fast pace. It also gets your heart rate up fast, so all the better for your cardiovascular health!

We get stronger.
With every rep of the burpees, you work your arms, chest, quads, abs and hamstrings all at once. Thus, your muscle tone in these numerous muscle areas become very much improved, and with frequent exercising, develops overall strength. Make way for a stronger you when your body becomes used to the burpees!

We save money and get so much!
While other people spend so much on expensive workout routines and trainers, you can do the burpees right in the comforts of your own home and get better results, at absolutely zero cost! It also doesn’t require any equipment, and you can do it literally anywhere, from your home, to your office, hotel room, or any space where you feel you can do it.

So, go ahead and try including this exercise in your regular routines! You’ll definitely be satisfied with the results.

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