Benefits of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

HIIT is one of the most popular workouts nowadays. It involves various intervals of high intensities making sure you get the maximum benefit from it. This method gives you an all-out effort through intense and quick burst of exercise followed by short recovery periods. Here are some amazing benefits you’ll get from HIIT.

Effective Use of Energy
Through HIIT, your body will learn how to efficiently use the energy which comes from your body’s energy system. It also helps remove toxic wastes from your muscles during the resting periods plus it also helps improve your breathing.

Speeds up Metabolism
The great thing about this workout is you burn fat while you rest. This happens because of a reaction called Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). A study shows that when you do a HIIT, EPOC last for more than 30 hours after a session which means you are burning calories more that half of your day. Amazing!

No equipment necessary
– HIIT workouts can save you money since there is no equipment needed. Just a small open space is what you need. It utilizes your own body weight and gets your heart rate up quickly. This is absolutely an awesome workout with no equipment at all. Each workout will take you only a few minutes to complete, but will make sure to blast fat and get you feeling sweaty and strong in a hurry. For better results, you need to work hard as possible for each stage.

Improves Endurance
HIIT workouts have shown how to do the trick on increasing a person’s endurance especially when done with a combination of traditional training. It also adapts to the cellular structure of muscles that enables you to increase your endurance while doing any form of exercise.

Burns Fat Faster
Since HIIT combines periods of intense exercises with periods of rest of light exercises. Hence, it burns more body fat than any other exercise. When you do this workout, a series of chemical reactions breaks the triglycerides separately into fatty acids. Then, the cells oxidize the fat acids and transform them into a usable form of energy. If you are focusing on reducing fat, then HIIT is what you need.

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