Best Ways to Improve your Agility

Agility is more than speed. It’s the athlete’s ability to change the body’s position efficiently from side-to-side or change direction quickly while running at a fast pace. Wanna impove your agility? Check out these exercises!

Lateral Hurdle Jumps
Get a cone or small hurdle about 2 feet high and place it beside you. Jump laterally from side to side, lifting the inside leg high enough each time to clear the cone or hurdle. Perform 3 sets of 30 seconds. Begin slowly until you are getting familiar with it and improve your agility.

Ziz-Zag Cones
Put 5-10 cones in a zig-zag pattern in front. Each cone placed about 45 degrees from the other and spaced about 6 feet apart. Start by running toward the first cone to run around it. As you approach the cone, shift your weight by dropping your butt and getting lower to the ground. Keep running through this course as you improve your agility by running around the cone, sprinting and shifting weight quickly to run toward the next cone.

You need to set up cones the shape of the letter T. Extend the stem of the T approximately 20 feet and the cross about 15 feet. Have plenty of room to run, and start sprinting through the stem. As soon as you reach the cross, lower your center of gravity and shuffle it to the right. When you reach the end, shuffle back to the left. After that, shuffle back to the middle of the cross where the stem begins then run backwards to the end. Do this 3-5 times. Time Improve on your speed and agility over time with each workout.

Cone Taps
Create a semi-circle of cones around you. Cones should be 10-17 inches away from each other. Stand with your right leg and your left leg a bit off the ground behind you. Hold a small medicine ball in both hands, reach down and touch the ball to the top of each cone, moving slowly around the circle. Do a few rounds on one leg before switching. To make the exercise harder, use shorter cones or try to move through the circle as quickly as possible. Perform 3 sets of 30-35 seconds. This will help you get stronger feet and ankles while making you lighter on your feet.

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