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We all have questions when we start something.Below is a list of questions and answers that most of our clients asked.

How do I access the Fitness Club?

All Fitness Club members have their own individual bracelet swipe card.This is your  personal  security access card.


As you enter, your information is logged into our system so we know you are in the gym and on the way out you swipe your card to let us know you have left the building. Again, this gives you 24hr access in a safe and secure environment.

Can I bring a friend to train with me during unstaffed hours?

Your safety is our prime concern and we can’t allow anyone to access the GYM without initial



If you would like to bring a friend with you,please contact 0428 334 968 to arrange a time

during staffed hours so that your friend can receive induction and their own security bracelet



Clients bringing in an unauthorised personal to the GYM will be caught on camera and will

be fined $200 and have their membership revoked with immediate effect.


Safety of our clients are very important for us and we take it very seriously.