Kettlebell Swing Benefits

Kettlebell Swing Benefits

One tool you should not ignore in the gym is the Kettlebell. It is famous for its swing workout which provides a wide range of benefits and quite easy to perform. It is a great way to strengthen you core, improve cardio and flexibility. Here are some of the amazing benefits you’ll get from it:

Fat burner
This might the most effective and fastest way of shredding body fat. It’s a full body workout in minutes and produces metabolic disturbance when using a decent amount of weight. It also boost resting energy from your post workout. In addition, you’ll also get the benefit of hormones (growth, adrenaline and non-adrenaline). So I suggest you to start swinging to get a toned and defined body!

Increase Mental Focus
Kettlebell swing is the thinking person’s workout. Each time you lift, you need to be focused on the movement. The result is improved coordination and mental focus. You can’t just pick it up and mindlessly muscle it up and throw it around.

Burns a Ton of Calories
With kettlebell swings, you can get a lot of metabolic disturbance in a small period of time. Once you’ve got your form down and have the ability to do higher intensities, this amazing exercise rocks for burst training. Think about this: It can burn 200 plus calories in just 10 minutes of using it.

Strengthens the posterior chain and core muscles
Do you want to improve your posture and balance? Kettlebell swings are an excellent exercise for developing posterior chain strength and integration with the hamstrings, glutes, and lower back. This exercise will help overcome the negative effects of sitting because it will work out on your posterior. Abdominal muscles control the deceleration to support and stabilize your spine. That is why swings and chops of different kinds are so effective for core workouts.

Kettlebell Swings tone and define the upper back and shoulder muscles
Kettlebell swings work great to develop the musculature in your upper back and shoulders. This is why I like to take the kettlebell all the way overhead at the top of the swing. If shoulder problems don’t limit your ability to do this, try taking the kettlebell all the way up for maximum benefit. This will definitely add slabs of defined muscle to your upper frame.

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