How often should I exercise per week?

The number of sessions per week differs from each person and depends on plenty of factors related to your body and training. Beginners will train less compare to an expert. Another concern is your type of exercise. Workouts differ like when you are into weight loss or building muscle. These factors are important to determine what training regimen will be ideal for you.
If you’re into losing weight, you need to include these principles to your workout plan:

You need to step out of your comfort zone. Don’t get used to a routine. Combine the intensity, volume and duration by changing the number of sets and duration. Change the frequency of exercises, and work intervals into your cardio sessions. Incorporate a definite strength training session plus free weights into your training. The more muscle you have (of your total body mass), the more calories you lose per workout. Training, enough sleep and a healthy lifestyle is very crucial to meet your goal.

If you’re just starting to get into exercise don’t make the mistake of going to hard too soon. Most newbies who join a fitness program aim to go every day. This is doable the first week but I guarantee you lose interest very quickly and go to no training within a month. Find a happy medium. If you struggle then the first two weeks only train twice per week. You can build that to three, even four as the weeks go on.

For advanced people, you may train anywhere from 3-6 sessions per week. Rest is important so you still need days off for recovery then hit it hard again next week. Always make sure you’re doing enough to achieve the results you want.

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