Personal Training


Sometimes you have a specific health and fitness goal to accomplish.You would like to lose extra kilos you have gained. You would like to be in best shape of your life for your marriage or you would like to look great for a friend’s marriage or for an event then personal training is the way to go.

We chose our team very carefully.We choose people who are certified and passionate about changing people lives and deliver excellent results.

Our team of personal trainers can help you to achieve your desired goals. Our personal trainers not only push you harder but also they will make you accountable for achieving your goal.With our personal training services you are bound to achieve results.

Jesse is a passionate personal trainer who has gone through physical transformation himself.

Jesse is a go to trainer who has positive attitude and delivering results to his clients is paramount to him.

Personal Trainer Profiles:

Jesse Marguglio (Personal Trainer)

Certificate III & IV Fitness

Everyday Functional Training
Fat Loss
Strength & Conditioning

Training a client who has lost 10 cm off waist after only in weeks
Jesse is reachable on

M: 0468 939 455 or  Email :