Private coaching


Some months you are motivated and some months you may dragging yourself to the gym and not motivated enough. We all have been there but the worst thing you can do to your health is STOP exercising.

Private Coaching is a great way to reignite your training. Whether you need a new program or need some extra push by our coaches it will only make you better.

Keystone Fitness Club has a team of talented coaches and personal trainers who believe in all things health & fitness.

Doesn’t matter what you goal is, whether it’s to lose a few extra kilos, gain some muscle, tone, build strength or prepare yourself for a special day or event, our team of expert coaches and personal trainers will help you, push you and motivate you to achieve your goal.

Think you can’t afford private coaching? Where there is a will there is way. We offer the flexibility of session durations (30, 45 or 60 minutes depending on your goal) or you could train with a friend or family member and share the cost of Private Coaching.