Reasons to avoid that Junk/Fast Food

Reasons to avoid that Junk/Fast Food

Did you know that Obesity is second only to smoking as a preventable cause of death? That’s one of the reasons to avoid eating junk food. In addition, these problems often lead to weight gain, fatigue, acidosis and other health problems. Here are ten very good reasons why you should stop eating fast food:

Food hygiene
We all know that hygiene in fast foods is something to worry about We have heard plenty of stories like dirty utensils, something unexpected in your foods, dirty hands and others.

What’s in your food?
Most fast food chains are into for low price and long shelf life which means the low cost meat available such as reclaimed meat that is mechanically recovered from the carcass. That means after all the good meat has been used. They are colored and flavored artificially with large amounts of artificial preservatives.

Teenage Depression
Studies show that depressions in teenagers are linked to low intake of vitamins and minerals and because of eating plenty of junk foods. Due to hormonal changes, they need a healthy diet to prevent mood swings and behavioral problems.

It can affect the functioning of the brain
According to research, it was found that a week of consuming junk food was enough to impair a rat’s memory. Eating Junk foods can shrink your Hippocampus which is a region in your brain associated primarily with memory.

You will be prone to heart disease
Aside from Obesity, Junk food has high levels of cholesterols and you imbalanced amount of macronutrients which play a big factor for heart diseases.

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