Reasons why not to skip Leg Day

Reasons why not to skip Leg Day

Consider leg workout when you work out. It is very essential in getting strong and fit. Below are the reasons why we need to remind you about it:

Improve your balance
Having a strong lower body just might help you avoid a wipeout. Exercises such as side lunges and deadlifts will. Balance is essential for maintaining control of your body that’s why leg exercises are very important.

You Will Look Ridiculous
If you don’t include leg workouts in your fitness regimen, you might end up like the photos you see on social media saying “never skip leg day.” This results to small glutes and quads and we don’t want that to happen. Sometimes, we spend most of your time focusing on arms, chest and shoulders. Never skip or you’ll regret it.

Harder to Develop Muscle
Muscles in your hips and legs are the largest in your body. Training these muscles causes a huge release of growth hormone and testosterone which key elements for building muscle. In addition, it also creates an anabolic environment to your body that can improve the muscle-building effects of your upper-body lifts.

Injury Prone
The concept that a stronger lower body is more resistant to injury is absolutely true. If your hamstring is undeveloped and you’re not doing hip work, you’re so overdeveloped on the front part of your body and underdeveloped on the backside of your body, it will eventually lead to injury. Leg work helps to strengthen your glutes and hamstrings. So again, don’t skip leg day.

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