Signs you’re out of Shape and Need to Exercise

How can a person know that they are out of shape? Some of us think that we are still not on the obese level until we consult a doctor. If you don’t exercise, there is really a big chance you are out of shape not you knowing it. Here are a few signs you need to head straight to the gym:

Heart rate takes too long to return to normal.
It is a good sign that you really need to exercise if you feel winded for approximately 5-10 minutes after performing an exercise that requires physical exertion.

Difficulty in performing push-ups
Push-ups is a good standard when it comes to muscle strength. If you find it difficult to perform 30 push-ups (men) or 20 (women), it is time to improve your overall strength capacity.

Maintaining a good posture
Maintaining good posture is not only important to help you feel more confident, but also to help ensure that you don’t experience back pain down the road or use improper form as you go about your exercises. If ever you’re struggling to maintain a good posture throughout the day, it means that the postural muscles are not quite as strong as they should be which means it’s time to exercise.

Highly stressed out
Physical activities cause a release of endorphins in your body, which helps put you in a good mood state and help calm down your stress level. Even if you can’t do intense physical activity, even a brisk walk a few times a day can help if you can’t do intense physical activity.

Highly fatigued at the end of each day
If you’re just lying on the couch and dragging yourself up each day instead of doing something active, your body needs a jump start Some of us believe that intense workout causes a greater fatigue at the end of the day which tends to be true. To prevent fatigue, you need a good exercise program and healthy eating habits.

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