Stop Eating Two Hours Before Bedtime

There was always the unspoken notion that you would sleep better especially if the snack that you have includes milk. Some thought that the famous midnight snack is completely okay, as long as you didn’t eat too much.

On the contrary, you need to know that this little late-night treat was not very good for you because when you sleep, your metabolism decreases to its slowest level, until just before you wake up. So, in effect, calories eaten late in the day or worse, around bed time will be converted to fat more quickly. This effect is not fully understood by many. The truth is, the earlier you eat your meals, the better. The sooner you finish eating dinner, the better.

In the morning, your metabolism is relatively slow. As your day goes on, your metabolism increases, until it peaks in the evening. When you sleep, your metabolism decreases to its slowest level then the entire cycle starts all over again.

Reducing the Want to Eat Before Bed

  1. Eat small meals every 3 hours throughout the day and keep your body burning.
  2. Try things like yoga or massage to reduce your stress and prevent eating at night.
  3. Do your workouts in the morning.
  4. Eat a lean protein, healthy fats and lots of vegetables at supper time. This combination will keep you feeling full longer.

Try not to make this midnight snack a habit though. Start fresh the next day and remember to close the kitchen at least two hours before bed.

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