Top 4 Mistakes You Make When Planking

You may not know it, but many people do not perform planks properly. It’s a must to know that overdoing planks can lead to injury. Proper form is very important when performing plans.

As cited by Estelle Underwood, certified personal trainer, in the Huffington Post, if there is any neck or low back pain when doing an exercise, “this may be an indication of weakness in the upper or lower regions of the spine. If the core is too weak, the spine will sag, causing compression in the vertebrae, pressure on vertebral discs, and/or shoulder joint inflammation.

Be careful when doing planks if you have back pain or injury. If you’re just starting out, try holding the plank position for several seconds only, slowly working your way up to where you can hold it longer.

Most importantly, be careful not to commit these top 4 mistakes when you perform planks:

  1. Dropping your hips, head, or shoulders
  2. Getting your hands too close together. This creates internal rotation and instability at the shoulder joints
  3. Holding your breath
  4. Holding the position for too long. It’s better to maintain proposer form in less time than trying to hold the form but improperly for a longer period.

Remember, exerting an effort to properly perform exercises is well worth it. You not only do your body a favor by sculpting it the right way, you also keep away from injuries and accidents.

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