Top Foods you Need to Avoid to Get Hard Rock Abs

Obese or fat is a word that we don’t want to hear when someone describes us? Aside from getting out of shape, obesity also leads to plenty of chronic diseases. For sure we don’t want that to happen to us that’s why we exercise. Maybe it’s also time you say goodbye to these foods to shred those fat faster:

Potato Chips
You know what foods associated with the greatest weight gain? potato chips. This is a proven fact that if you eat these tasty junk foods a lot, you’ll be closer on getting a part of the fat squad.

Refined grains
This is an ingredient found in foods such as white bread ,white rice, regular pasta, cookies and other snack foods. The unrefined stuff (whole wheat, brown rice and quinoa) is always healthier. People who ate whole grains in addition to keeping a healthy diet—of fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy and protein—lost more weight from the abdominal area the group of people who kept the same healthy diet but ate all refined grains.

Diet soda
Diet soda, yet sodas made with sugar substitutes are believed by many to play a role in weight gain. Probably you’re already aware of how terrible it is for you.  Other than rotting your teeth, it’s also a huge reason there are so many overweight people in this country.  According to studies, people who drank diet soda gained almost three times the amount of abdominal fat so don’t let it fool you.

Frosting is loaded with fattening trans-fats, which may not only make you fat but could give you a heart attack in the process.
FDA has basically declared war on trans fats, store-bought frosting still contains a not-so-healthy dose of the stuff. How bad can trans fats be?
A recent study showed that people who ate trans-fats as part of an everyday diet, were more likely to gain fat over the long haul. Skip out on foods with frosting if you want to avoid getting muffin tops when wearing those jeans!

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