Understanding the Nutrition Label

Understanding the Nutrition Label

Look at the serving size
Try to compare the serving size on the package and the amount of what you eat. Now, if you eat the serving size shown on the Nutrition Facts Table, you’ll get the amount of calories and nutrients that are listed.

Check the calories
Calories can tell you how much energy you’ll get from a serving of a packaged food. The size of the serving on the food package effects the number of calories and all nutrient amounts shown on the label.

Look at the per cent Daily Value (% Daily Value)
The % Daily Value sets nutrients on a scale from 0% to 100%. It tells you whether there is a little or plenty of nutrients in 1 serving of a packaged food. You can use this percentage to compare the nutrient content of other foods.

•5% DV or less is a little

•15% DV or more is a lot

You can use the Nutrition Facts to:

•Compare products more easily
•Find out the nutritional value of foods
•Better manage special diets, such as one that is low in sodium
•Increase or decrease your intake of a particular nutrient (for example, increase fibre, decrease saturated fat)

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