Ways to Curb Your Chocolate Cravings

Are you plagued with constant food cravings, especially for chocolates? Cravings are driven by the brain need for a craving not the body need for food. However, before you attempt to eliminate chocolates from your life and end up thinking like by doing so it is a self sabotage, we will provide you tips to tame those sugar cravings.

  • You need to fight chocolate with chocolate. 1 oz dark chocolate with 65 percent (or more) cacao, is a good antioxidant-filled treat that can satisfy your sweet tooth. Dark chocolate may not only help you shed those unwanted pounds, it is also very nutritious, a powerful source of antioxidants and may improve blood flow and lower blood pressure.
  • Keep fruit handy. Don’t wait for your sugar cravings to hit you. Eat a variety of fruits like apple, banana, berries, etc. in a daily basis. You’ll get fiber and nutrients along with some sweetness.
  • Don’t focus on weight loss. The weight loss is usually a natural consequence of giving up chocolates since most weight-loss plans you end up cutting back a lot on sweets and sugary foods. Here’s what you need to know and do to start eating right,eat the right food because you love yourself and don’t want to have any health problems because of junk foods

If you are craving chocolate, supposedly what you really want is magnesium. And here are healthy foods that have it: raw nuts and seeds, legumes and fruits.

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